HIS HD 4350 Silence 512MB (64bit) DDR2 PCI
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產品編號 H435H512PP
EAN 編碼 4895139001778
散熱器 SIlence
GPU 4350
芯片時脈 600 MHz
記憶體 時脈 800 MHz
記憶體 512 MB
記憶體類別 DDR2
記憶體介面 64 bit
介面 PCI
顯卡大小 18 X 12 X 2.8 cm
包裝盒大小 23.2 x 16.2 x 6 cm
產品重量(連包裝盒) 0.4 kg
Availability Available
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
  • ATI Premium Graphics™
  • ATI Stream Technology™
  • DirectX 10.1
  • OpenGL 2.1
  • HDTV
  • Dual Monitor
  • Shader Model 4.1
  • 7.1 Channel Audio
  • DVI
  • VGA
  • TV-Out
  • Retail Pack
Product Advantage
  • The World's first DirectX 10.1 PCI graphics solution with HDMI output
  • Bringing upgrade possibilities to motherboard with PCI slots only
  • Multi-monitoring solution
  • Low Profile Form Factor with interchangeable low profile and high profile brackets.
  • Best for Business and Multimedia application
ATI RadeonTM HD 4300 Series Key Features

· DirectX® 10.1
· 80 stream processing units
· 64-bit memory interface
· 12x custom filter anti-aliasing (CFAA) and high performance anisotropic filtering

· Built-in HDMI with 7.1 surround sound support

· ATI AvivoTM video and display technology

. The HIS DVI to HDMI Adapter for ATI 4000/ 3000 series (Product Code: HHDMI4071) is required to fully utilize the audio through HDMI features


* DVI to VGA adapter
* DVI to HDMI adapter
* Low Profile Brackets



Model Name HIS HD 4350 Silence 512MB (64bit) DDR2 PCI
Chipset Radeon HD 4300 PCI Series
ASIC RadeonTM HD 4300 GPU
Pixel Pipelines 80 stream processing units* (Unified)
Vertex Engines 80 stream processing units* (Unified)
Manu. Process (Micron) 55nm
Transistor 242 million
Memory Size (MB) 512
Memory Type DDR2
RAMDAC (MHz) 400
Engine CLK (MHz) 600
Memory CLK (MHz) 800
Memory Interface (bit) 64
Power Supply Requirement 300 Watt or greater power supply (350 Watt for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode) is recommended
Max. Resolution 1920x1200 (single-link DVI) or 2560x1600 (dual-link DVI)
Bus Interface PCI
2nd VGA No
2nd DVI No
TV-out Yes
HDTV (YPrPb component output) No
Video-in No
TV Tuner No
FM Tuner No
ATI Radeon™ HD 4350 System Requirements
  • PCI based PC is required with one PCI lane graphics slot available on the motherboard
  • 300 Watt or greater power supply is recommended
  • Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to for a list of Certified products
  • 1GB of system memory recommended
  • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
  • DVD playback requires DVD drive
  • For Microsoft DirectX® 10.1 support, Windows Vista® Service Pack 1 is required

For more information, please visit the following link:




Go Beyond Video
Accelerate your PC with the ATI RadeonTM HD 4350 GPU and get the dedicated graphics memory you need to handle graphics-intensive activities like watching movies or editing videos while freeing up your CPU for other tasks. Make digital images come to life with over 1 billion colors and stay true to the actual images when you view and edit photos. Support for the latest audiovisual interconnects ensures you can take advantage of the latest display technology.

Enjoy the latest audio technologies using HDMI with 7.1 digital surround sound support. Also, xvYCC support allows the user to enjoy a wider range of colors when connected to a capable HDTV.

* The HIS DVI to HDMI Adapter for ATI 4000/ 3000 series is required to fully utilize the audio through HDMI features

80 Stream Processing Units
Enough power to tackle demanding games and applications.

Enhanced Anti-Aliasing (AA) & Anisotropic Filtering (AF)
High performance anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing (4X AA) smooth jagged edges and create true- to-life graphics, for everything from grass to facial features.

Consumes less than 20 watts under full load
The ATI RadeonTM HD 4350 graphics card consumes less than 20 watts under full load, making it the ideal choice for implementation across a large diverse install base of desktop PCs.

Dynamic Power Management
ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card features ATI PowerPlayTM technology, delivering high performance when needed and conserving power when the demand on the graphics processor is low.

Energy Efficient Manufacturing Process
Second generation 55nm chip uses an energy efficient manufacturing process.

Stability & Reliability
AMD's award-winning ATI CatalystTM graphics software and drivers deliver unprecedented graphics stability and reliability.

Industry Leading Technical Support
Owners of ATI RadeonTM Certified graphics products have free access to a comprehensive online knowledge base and technical

Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 support

ATI RadeonTM HD 4300 series GPUs offer full support for the new DirectX® 10 and DirectX® 10.1 API (Application Program Interface) from Microsoft; ready to meet the demanding needs of new, next generation games. DirectX 10 is the first totally new DirectX in the last 4 years and brings important graphics innovations that can be used by game developers for the next generation of games. DirectX 10 introduces crisp, never-beforeseen detail-rich images, visual effects and game dynamics capable of accurately simulating the real world. No matter which ATI RadeonTM HD 4300 Series GPU you choose, you can be assured that games will look as good as the developer intended!

Microsoft® Windows Vista®
- "The Ultimate Visual Experience"

ATI RadeonTM HD 4300 series graphics cards provide support for the Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system and take advantage of the Windows AeroTM graphical interface. You will be amazed by the dazzling 3D visual effects and have peace of mind that the ATI CatalystTM software and drivers are designed and thoroughly tested to ensure full compatibility and stability to help
keep you up and running. All these new technologies and features make the ATI Radeon HD 4300 series of GPUs the ideal solution for ultimate HD gaming and entertainment with the Windows Vista OS

September 10th, 2009 at 08:02 pm By Andrew

This card is great for HTPC and computers with only PCI slots. I used to use a Radeon HD2400 Pro (also PCI) and the Radeon HD4350 has far better performance. Highly recommended upgrade.

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